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NOLA Tao 24x30

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                 French quarter again>

NOLA again 18x24

Another genius release from the original "King Of Psychobilly" Mr. Jim Jacobi... Ginger Coyote-Punk Globe magazine   2011



Jim Jacobi's latest (A Case of Sour Grapes) is like spinning the radio dial back when radio programmed something other than banal sameness: each song is widely different from the one preceding and the styles he accesses span musical genres. The rage at hypocrisy and various other human idiocies is a consistent theme, but the anger seems less heated than in previous albums, tempered by a witty lyric or riff that bring a smile. There is more pleasurable listening here than gnashing of teeth." 2015      J. M.



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Watch Jim’s YouTube video featuring
“Telepathic Cat”


Check out IMDB.com — Jim is in credits for two movies and working on another.

video-In memory of the telepathic cat


 It's a keeper. Unlike most musicians who alter or change their style to become more accessible and make money, Jacobi has stuck to his guns...writing and recording hard driving underground fuzz pop/rock with plenty of biting sarcasm in the lyric department. Considering the fact that Jim was one of the very early home recording artists, you would think that he would have received more recognition (?) for his contributions to underground music.  Baby Sue  2011


Doesn't Work Well With Others is a compilation of some of Jim Jacobi's work from the late '90's to the present.  It is a sampling of Jacobi's music and is an excellent place for someone unfamiliar with the Crap Detectors and the Joe Jakimbi band.

 Jacobi's guitar work has a tendency to awe.  He has a Coltranesque command of scales (also possessing Coltrane's speed) but these scales are more purposeful than the saxophonist's; they support a lyric.  Jacobi is a lyricist, and his exceptional guitar work brackets or highlights his message. The message is simple, universal:  people are deeply, irrevocably flawed and the institutions they construct reflect these flaws.  I personally don't find "punk" anger in Jacobi.  I detect a kind of disgust that is more mockery than anger and (if one is in the right frame of mind) one can almost detect bemusement.       Jack  Noalme July 2015



I just listened to THE CRAP DETECTORS-32nd TIME IS A CHARM—I had to check this guy’s website—THIS GUY’s been doing his own independent, cool music since the 70’s!  Now I’m going to have to buy some of his earlier stuff!

This CD is a bunch of different styles with some Eastern Indian influences on some songs, punk rock, instrumentals, you name it-he does it….and does it really well!

The lyrics are definitely original, some sharp, bitter, ANYTHING but PC—?but MOSTLY fun with clever construction of songs with a dim view of society’s drones.  Each song is as unique as the last song. I was very entertained and have become a big fan!! Well done, Mr. Crap Detector!

T. Persie   2015

The  beginning of 2017  38 releases with 490 songs  published and recorded. Not even considered for Nebraska music hall of fame.    ????


Been listening to it on my drive to work. I've been enjoying it! Haven't listened to the other one yet. I'm always amazed at how prolific you are! As always, the lyrics are awesome   Bob Jordan on Thirty second time is a charm. Bob lives in Seattle.


eyes have it  22x30 W.C.

Illegal alien

Young Jaguar in Love 56x45
Baby Universe18x24

    The eyes have it (above)    ENIGMA Portrait (below) 2016

E  5

Alexander Payne Portrait--Hanging in UPTOWN BREWERY-- Stanton Nebraska.

Young jaguar in love


Riki (Riccardo Maffoni portrait now hanging in Italy)

alexander payne (1)
jim  2012

Rainy night in French Quarter          Tiger Family        (Click to make these two larger)




Jim 2017

JIM    2012

Bob Jordan says of 32nd time is a charmThe CD is awesome ,  I am glad there is a Jim Jacobi in this fucking corrupt world. I look forward to hearing more music from your perceptive and unpretentious mind. Keep at it Jim! Your music is always up to date and relevant. I have good memories of watching you perform, and UFO Abduction was always a favorite. It has been over 20 years now. Wow! Where did the time go?"  Bob lives in Seattle


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GeQ1FapKO64&feature=share&list=UU6vmmxZ9s_i6nluXV9wXsrQ&inde x=2

PLEASE WATCH............This is a Jim Jacobi mini documentray. Roger Mah from Rhino records is doing an article about “Victims” and “Police State” (1977-1980) He says “I’ve interviewed plenty of bands over the years. I am happy to report that everyone I spoke with regaurding  the crap detectors only had complimentary things to say about you. Which is highly unusual in my experience.”


Jim Jacobi has BFA/MFA degrees in painting and has shown his works (to name a few) in New York City,  Kansas City,Seattle, Dallas, Des Moines,Fort Worth,Omaha/Council Bluffs, Lincoln and more. He differs from art snobs by trying to  sell art to anyone more interested in the work than the presentaion. It is Outsider art to accompany outsider music.  Not mainstream..Not for the elite but for every one.            Buy a painting here

the heart of the dragon 29x39

Heart of the dragon


(...I certainly HOPE so!!!”)