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Another genius release from the original "King Of Psychobilly" Mr. Jim Jacobi... Ginger Coyote-Punk Globe magazine   2011



Jim Jacobi's latest (A Case of Sour Grapes) is like spinning the radio dial back when radio programmed something other than banal sameness: each song is widely different from the one preceding and the styles he accesses span musical genres. The rage at hypocrisy and various other human idiocies is a consistent theme, but the anger seems less heated than in previous albums, tempered by a witty lyric or riff that bring a smile. There is more pleasurable listening here than gnashing of teeth." 2015      J. M.



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Watch Jim’s YouTube video featuring
“Telepathic Cat”


Check out IMDB.com — Jim is in credits for two movies and working on another.

video-In memory of the telepathic cat


 It's a keeper. Unlike most musicians who alter or change their style to become more accessible and make money, Jacobi has stuck to his guns...writing and recording hard driving underground fuzz pop/rock with plenty of biting sarcasm in the lyric department. Considering the fact that Jim was one of the very early home recording artists, you would think that he would have received more recognition (?) for his contributions to underground music.  Baby Sue  2011


Doesn't Work Well With Others is a compilation of some of Jim Jacobi's work from the late '90's to the present.  It is a sampling of Jacobi's music and is an excellent place for someone unfamiliar with the Crap Detectors and the Joe Jakimbi band.

 Jacobi's guitar work has a tendency to awe.  He has a Coltranesque command of scales (also possessing Coltrane's speed) but these scales are more purposeful than the saxophonist's; they support a lyric.  Jacobi is a lyricist, and his exceptional guitar work brackets or highlights his message. The message is simple, universal:  people are deeply, irrevocably flawed and the institutions they construct reflect these flaws.  I personally don't find "punk" anger in Jacobi.  I detect a kind of disgust that is more mockery than anger and (if one is in the right frame of mind) one can almost detect bemusement.       Jack  Noalme July 2015



I just listened to THE CRAP DETECTORS-32nd TIME IS A CHARM—I had to check this guy’s website—THIS GUY’s been doing his own independent, cool music since the 70’s!  Now I’m going to have to buy some of his earlier stuff!

This CD is a bunch of different styles with some Eastern Indian influences on some songs, punk rock, instrumentals, you name it-he does it….and does it really well!

The lyrics are definitely original, some sharp, bitter, ANYTHING but PC—?but MOSTLY fun with clever construction of songs with a dim view of society’s drones.  Each song is as unique as the last song. I was very entertained and have become a big fan!! Well done, Mr. Crap Detector!

T. Persie   2015

  39 releases with 501 songs  published and recorded.



Been listening to it on my drive to work. I've been enjoying it! Haven't listened to the other one yet. I'm always amazed at how prolific you are! As always, the lyrics are awesome   Bob Jordan on Thirty second time is a charm. Bob lives in Seattle.






2017--NOT A WORD

New 2017 review

  Close on the heels of "Sleeping," Jim Jacobi has produced another album, "Ugly World."  It shouldn't be surprising that Jacobi is so prolific; his muse is the stupidity of our society.  His sonic palette continues to vary widely from song to song, an abrasive rocker gives way to almost atonal ambient music which (by the end of the track) has begun to coalesce and then might segue into something almost "jaunty."  Jacobi's slashing guitar runs are the nervous system of this beast, in the background, they rise to make a frenzied contribution, then drop away. 

    Make no mistake, our recently elected orange wannabe overlord is the target of much of the lyric content in this album.  "Sleeping" referenced the Bloated one quite often.  The difference is "Sleeping" was penned during the campaign and "Ugly World" after the election.  It's hard to remain indignant when "nothing changed in 40 years" (Plagiarized) and there seem to be moments when Jacobi's anger flags. Vile as our new leader is, he was elected, and occasionally Jacobi's habitual disgust and rage seem to taper off into something like despair, "so it ends with a whimper not a scream/by all the horrible people that are obscene" (Cultural Civil War).

    "Ugly World" is a welcome addition to Jacobi's opus.  While his themes remain consistent, the manner in which he presents them is ever-changing, and one is always curious about the next "document." Noel Jalnack


Bob Jordan says of 32nd time is a charmThe CD is awesome ,  I am glad there is a Jim Jacobi in this fucking corrupt world. I look forward to hearing more music from your perceptive and unpretentious mind. Keep at it Jim! Your music is always up to date and relevant. I have good memories of watching you perform, and UFO Abduction was always a favorite. It has been over 20 years now. Wow! Where did the time go?"  Bob lives in Seattle


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GeQ1FapKO64&feature=share&list=UU6vmmxZ9s_i6nluXV9wXsrQ&inde x=2

PLEASE WATCH............This is a Jim Jacobi mini documentray. Roger Mah from Rhino records is doing an article about “Victims” and “Police State” (1977-1980) He says “I’ve interviewed plenty of bands over the years. I am happy to report that everyone I spoke with regaurding  the crap detectors only had complimentary things to say about you. Which is highly unusual in my experience.”


UGLY WORLD  - full CD released end of 2016 beginning 2017  Crap Detectors

I love it! This morning I was driving in to work listening to the news and Dump was having his press conference. I thought to myself "aw, fuck this guy" and immediately pressed play on your CD. I wouldn't of wanted any other music at that exact moment in history, and I thought how perfect it was that your latest Release was poised and ready in my CD player when I needed it the most. Thank you Jim for this artistic critique of the times we live in.    Bob Jordan    Seattle, WA.


monster 020 copy

“Deplorable”   1st single by Crap Detectors since 1981.  Digital only--CD baby

I have been listening to the cd this week in my truck, I need to listen through a few more time to to get the over all picture, but like it says on the liner notes, you have always stayed consistent with your vision, and with the world as it is, that always needs updates..So I guess I will be listening to Ugly World instead of experiencing it on Friday. In one of the songs you sing about 1978 and the police state, here we are 2017 and things haven't got any better... A little break with Obama, As always I like the guitar solos, you continue to push the technology to produce new sounds. I remember 1978 and the work you did with room size synthesizers back then, now you got more power in your own basement. . If we don't continue to express ourselves, then we will be fucked. it's an ugly world, but it's the only one we got.

.Brad Kreiger  Lincoln, NE


Jim just released a "ROCK-U-MENTARY" that tells a lot about his long career as a DIY PUNK ROCK GARAGE INDEPENDENT MUSICIAN! He started learning how to play guitar as a teen--so he's actually been doing his own original music for well over 40 years...AND HE AIN'T DONE YET!!! It was fun to watch!!!     Carole Zacek

Jim Jacobi/Crap Detectors latest single is a political satirical definition of the word "DEPLORABLE". Never subtle, Jim Jacobi's lyrics pack a punch! Great guitar playing too!!     CZ 2016 review

 It was great to see all those live performances from over the years. Your music was and still is very honest and unpretentious. Always current and never boring. You've still got it, Jim! Keep that diary of sharp observation coming. .  Bob Jordan---Seattle, WA.  2016

In memory of the telepathic cat---2015

COVER ONLY (1) rgb
cover 342

“Too bad you got your start in Kneebaska instead of NYC, Your life might have been different-”  Joe Malnack,      ----        Your right Joe considering all the support I get here--Jim Jacobi

press 2-8-16 about media the victim

image1 (1)
dvd cover 44

THIRTY SECOND TIME IS A CHARM- 015- 32nd release -490 songs recorded and published.

July 2015 release.  A 1998- to present compilation  with 2 new songs.

CD400_out Cover FINAL copy
Cover copy


http://cdbaby.com/cd/crapdetectors6      Link to CD Baby


A case of Sour Grapes and other stories    Dec.2014






psycho path


NEW---2016  DVD    THE JIM JACOBI  Story

Ghost of the past copy
vol2 11 copy

 “Ghosts from the Past  vol. 1  1977-1993” Compilation 2013

GHOSTS FROM THE PAST Vol. 2 1996-2006   Compilation 2014

On theOn the Psycho Path of Life review

Yeah, I enjoyed your latest CD. I especially like the spoken word/abstract stuff you've been doing for the last few projects. Very strange and interesting creations. Don't stop making music, Jim. The world needs more people like you! Remember, Van Gogh wasn't understood in his day, but he created unique, beautiful, and original work that took time to catch on. You know how it is...most people need to be told what to like. So, I wouldn't spend much thought on being liked or not. You are a truly creative person, so keep on creating!! To hell with everyone else!

Bob Jordan—Seattle music lover, connoisseur and artist


I bought the new release, “IF THE SHOE FITS” by Jim Jacobi and I have to say that Mr. Jacobi’s lyrics are some of the best I’ve ever listened to. (I’ve been listening to his music for a long time).

His lyrics are cynical and brilliant and always au courant with what is in the news. He’s political BUT NOT POLITICALLY CORRECT. He says what many of us would like to say….but don’t….And he plays all of the instruments on this cd as well as mixing the whole thing in a clever, cool way that is very fun to listen to. BRAVO, JIM!! Can’t wait for the next one!!!

Marina Sylbakoff



Review by Mary McPage

I have had this song running through my head for the past month and a half … “Every time I’m wiping, I think of __ I insert my own verse here __ … and how it sucks.” Wipe Away is not the title song on the Crap Detectors newest CD Parrot Ma...n. But it is pretty darned clever & totally sing-along-able. First time I heard it I laughed out loud and then went back and listened again, until I couldn’t get it out of my head. Now when I hear or see or encounter something I don’t like, I sing Jacobi’s Wipe Away. This is punk at its best, singing about wiping away all the shit that truly stinks!

Then there’s Conservative. Track 4. One of the lines “I’m a Conservative, I pander to the rich-I will destroy the poor, cause I’m a son-of-a-bitch.” As Jim sings, at first the refrain is nice, it slowly becomes louder and before you know it, you’re screaming along, Conservative! Conservative! It’s not a pretty sight.

I’m also fond of Parrot Man the title track of the CD and track number 13. I haven’t fully grasped this tune, but I love the gurgle at the end of the phrases. “He’s looking for his Parrot woman.”

On my CD player, the vocals aren’t as clear as I would have liked them to be. Jacobi’s lyrics are compelling and entertaining at the same time, and I feel they could have been brought to the front a little more. His guitar playing is crunchy, gritty and he easily moves between rock, funk, and country.
For someone who was going to hang it up a couple years ago, the songs keep coming and his passion for music keeps burning.

Mary McPage Was an editor for musicians network magazine. Seattle, Wa. 1990's


It Got Too Deep!!
-released 08/21/08

It’s been 30 years since Jim released his first L.P. “Victims of the Media”. Now Jim resurrects Crap Detectors because...

(And he’s not talk’n about snow).

On this musically diverse release, he is combining 30 year old musical and lyrical ideas with modern themes. Jello Biafra delivers the liner notes.


“Jim continues to hit many a nail on the head in ways I wish I had thought of myself. I respect him because he’s smart, he won’t back down and remains deep down a genuine human being who still gives a shit.”

 Living in COMAha, Nebraska, the capitol of pretentiousness and condesention, Jim is finding a wealth of material to write about.

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(...I certainly HOPE so!!!”)